Wolverine and Wolf

Wolverines and wolves are seen at Martinselkonen only occasionally. If you are interested in photographing these species, we will provide you with the opportunity to visit the Boreal Wildlife Centre in Kuhmo (www.viiksimo.fi). The Boreal Wildlife Centre has been a wonderful location for photographing especially the wolverine.


The moose is not necessarily easy to see or photograph. However, our guides are closely familiar with the Martinselkonen area, and they can take you to the best locations for moose watching. The best way to see a moose is from a moving car at the right time of day. It may be difficult to photograph the moose, however, because they are very shy animals.

Moose in Martinselkonen
There is good population of Moose in Martinselkonen forest.

Capercaillie and Black Grouse

The Martinselkonen area has small populations of capercaillie and black grouse. During the past few years, however, more capercaillies and black grouses have been met in Kuhmo at the Boreal Wildlife Centre. We organize photography safaris during the mating season of these birds in April–May and also in the fall for the black grouse.

Black Grouse BWC
The Black Grouse mating is interesting to see and photograph.

Small Birds

Outside the Martinselkonen Wildlife Center there is a bird-feeding area where you can take photos of the small birds common in the region, such as the bullfinch, the great tit, the jay, the wood pigeon and the great spotted woodpecker. In spring and late summer, the Siberian jay is also a common visitor. The feeding area also attracts many red squirrels.

Short distance drive from our Centre is located three bird watching towers. These you can visit freely on your own. From the bird towers is possible to see many water birds especially in May.

Siberian Jay, Martinselkonen
Siberian Jay often visits Martinselkonen Bird Feeder.
Hazel Grouse on the bird feeder
Hazel Grouse on the garden


The Martinselkonen area has a modest owl population. In good years, they build their natural nests in the nearby region, and we can offer owl watching and photography safaris to those locations. Owls usually nest at the end of May or early June, which is the best time to see them. The owls seen near Martinselkonen are Great Grey Owl, Ural Owl and Pygmy Owl.

Great Grey Owl on the bird feeder
Great Grey Owl
Ural Owl
Ural Owl