Fat biking is an excellent way to explore the wild in winter, but also outside of the snowy season. In winter, maintained trails allow you to fat bike your way into the quiet and snowy stillness of the Nordic wilderness. On the ride, you may come across animal trails and even catch a glimpse of the animals themselves. There are plenty of trails left by wolverines, wolves, moose, foxes, hares and birds in the Martinselkonen area. You can also cycle in the dark with a chance of witnessing a glorious display of the Northern lights. Outside of the snowy season, you can ride on sand trails and paths while taking in the beauty of the Nordic nature and, in the fall, the bright red and yellow shades of the fall colors.

A fat bike is an off-road bicycle with wide tires that is designed for riding on soft surfaces such as snow and sand. The width of the tires is between 3.8 and 5.2 inches. Fat bikes are easy and safe to ride even on soft surfaces.

The Martinselkonen Wilds Centre has ten SUP X-FAT 2 x 10 fat bikes for guided bike rides that are organized mainly in the fall and winter. You can also rent a bike independently and explore the trails and paths of the nearby area.

In winter, the Martinselkonen Wilds Centre maintains a total of 70 km of trails for fat biking. The trails run mainly in the Martinselkonen and Kalevalanpuisto nature conservation areas. You can take a break from the biking in any of the three shelter cabins and two designated campfire sites along the trails.

For more information and booking on our guided fat-bike trips, please check guided activities page.



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