Our bear photography safaris last from the afternoon to the following morning. We usually set out at 4 pm and walk a distance of about 800 m to 1.5 km, depending on the hide.

For photographers, we offer small one- or two-person hides with five or six openings for taking bear photos. As a specialty, our one-person hides have a photography opening at ground level. The hides have seats, a bunk for sleeping and a bucket toilet. The guide will show you to the hide and pick you up in the morning, but will not stay with you during the night.

We have bear photography hides in the forest, in the swamp and at the lakeside. The forest hide is the best location for seeing bear cubs and taking pictures of bears climbing in the trees. The swamp hide offers the best lighting, and it is the ideal place for seeing eagles. There are usually several bears by the forest and swamp hides in one night. The lakeside hide is a bit quieter, but there you can get pictures of perfect reflections on the surface of the lake, of mist rising from the water and of bears swimming and playing in the lake.

We aim to move our hides regularly in order to make sure that you can take photographs against the perfect background with untouched nature.

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