The large bear hides are located in a forest, which is the main feeding area for bears in Martinselkonen. These hides are excellent place to see several bears and also the most guarantee place to see the bear cubs in June – August. The forest has tall trees where bear cubs often climb. Also White Tailed Eagle is often seen from these hides. The large hides has been in same place for several years, so the ground can be a little damaged.

The all night bear hide excursion begins at 4 pm with a short drive, after which we walk along forest trail for about 1.5 km.

One of our large bear hides is for 12 persons and the other for 9. Both have seating and a viewing opening for each person as well as bunkbeds and sleeping bags for the overnight stay. The hides also have a composting toilet. Throughout the bear safari, the guide is with you in the hide, and a light evening snack is served. From the bear hide you can take pictures and follow the life of the bears. Usually from this hide you will see several bear. With good luck you might also see Bear cubs, Black Kite, White Tailed Eagle and Wolverine.

At the hide is a little room for mowing, but please be quiet when moving around, so that you don’t scare the bears.

We will spend the whole night at the hide and return next morning after 7 back to the Martinselkonen Wilds Centre.

The large hide is in use from end of April till mid August.

See program descriptions and book from Guided Activities.

Large bear hide is very comfortable inside.
Large bear hide inside.