The Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is a family business, founded in 1991. It is located in the municipality of Suomussalmi, nestled by the Martinselkonen nature conservation area and the eastern border of the country. The Centre was founded by Markku Määttä, a retired border guard, together with his wife, Oili. In 2016, the business was transferred to the next generation, as Markku’s and Oili’s son Jani Määttä and his wife Riina Nilsson-Määttä took charge of the Center.

The Wilds Centre operates at the Pirttivaara border-guard station, which was closed in 1990 and renovated to meet modern standards. The Centre employs eight people as guides and in catering and maintenance. Whenever possible, we support local businesses by using local dry-cleaning, transport and other services and by making our purchases locally.

Welcome to the Martinselkonen Wilds Centre! With us, you can enjoy everything the Nordic wilderness has to offer.