Wild Taiga-area in the East Border of Central Finland is nature paradise. There tall trees, pure lakes and numerous wildlife offer a lot to do and see. You can breath the fresh forest air and enjoy the silence of the untouched nature. By hiking and cycling you can reach some interesting places that are not reached by car. You can see birds, reindeers and the King of the Forest- Bear. You will get to know the history of the area and see how it looks today. This multiactivity program offers you comprehensive combination of nature, history and fun summer activities.

       Place              Martinselkonen Wilds Centre, Suomussalmi and Hossa National Park

       Duration        7 day’s / 6 nights

       Persons         max 9 persons

       Guaranteed departures: On request from end of July till mid August

Program description:

DAY 1: Arrival

Transfer from Kuusamo /Kajaani airport to Martinselkonen Wilds Centre (drive time approx. 2 hours). Welcoming dinner or evening snack (depending of the arrival time) at the dining area.

DAY 2: Meet the King of the forest – Bear

Bears in Martinselkonen
The old King called Bodari is resting in front of the hide.

After breakfast we will leave by car to the near by lake where small boats with silent motor are waiting for us. We will leave with the boats to the wilderness lake just next to Russian border. From the boat we will see some borderline markings. We can listen to the silence of the wilderness and if we are lucky maybe some birds or even the King himself will show a climbs of himself. (Duration, approx. 2 hours)

In the afternoon lunch at the dining area, after which is time to leave to the forest to see if the Bears are home. First shortly drive by car and then nice walk through old forest to the wooden bear hides. We will spend the Night in a hide waiting to see the wild brown bears living in these forests. Hide has room for sleeping, photography holes and dry toilet. Evening snack is served during the night.

DAY 3: East Border Hiking Trail

In the morning return from the hide and breakfast. Time to rest after the night with the bears.

At midday we will leave walking to the East Border Hiking trail. The trail will take us to Martinselkonen Nature Reserve area. The guide will tell us about the nature and the history of the area. On the way we will enjoy some snack by the open fire. (Hiking distance about 12 km).

In the evening we can enjoy the heat of the sauna and try also traditional smoke sauna. Dinner is served at the dining area.

Optional: Second Bear Night

DAY 4: Hiking day in Hossa National Park

Suspension bridge over Julma Ölkky canyon lake.
Bridge over the Julma Ölkky canyon lake. Photo by Travel Dudes Greg Snell.

Hossa National Park is the newest National Park in Finland (official opening in June 2017). Hossa is a meeting place for three waterways. There are hundreds of lakes and ponds in Hossa. Hossa offers beautiful sceneries shaped by the Ice Age.

We will leave by car to Hossa (driving time about 45 minutes). At first we will have a short stop at the Hossa Visitor Centre, then we will hike to the Värikallio Cliff where we can see about 4000 years old rock paintings. The Cliff is located along a water route that was used in ancient times. The paintings portray the life of people at the time when spirits and natural forces where present everywhere. (Hike of 8 km). When returning from the hike, we will enjoy lunch by the open fire.

After lunch we will continue to Julma Ölkky canyon lake. Here we can hike around the beautiful canyon lake (shortest trail 5km) before returning to the Martinselkonen Wilds Centre for sauna and dinner.

Optional: Boat Excursion to the Canyon lake (instead of the hike)

DAY 5: The Silent People and Raate Road

After good night sleep its time to head to see the Suomussalmi area a little better. Suomussalmi Municipality area is 5857,61 km2. Most of it is forest and lakes. We will leave by car and drive over 200km during the day. We will visit the most interesting sights of Suomussalmi. First stop is by The Silent People. There you will see about 800 scarecrow- like figures with peat heads. Then we will continue to Suomussalmi Town Centre. After a short drive through of the Centre you will have free time to visit shops and restaurants. After the stop in Suomussalmi Town Centre we will drive to see the Raate Road and learn things about Winter War (1939-1940) that left its indelible mark to the families in this area during The Second World War when Russia tried to cut Finland half. After the visits to some War Memorials and the Raate museum we will return to Martinselkonen for dinner. Duration approx. 6- 8 hours.

DAY 6: Cycling Day at Hossa National Park

Fatbike Martinselkonen
Fatbiking in Hossa takes you to the forest trails and in beautiful sceneries.

In the morning drive to Hossa by car. In Hossa we will start cycling with Fat Bikes. We can choose from 3 different cycling trails which one we want to do. You can choose an easy 10km trail suitable for everyone or the most difficult one that is 12,5km long or 14km lake trail. The 10km trail has no large altitude differences and it goes partly on the road. For the 12,5km route you need to have previous experience of mountain biking. There is some deep climbs and trail can be slippery in rainy days. The 14km lake trail is suitable for everyone. In this trail you can enjoy the beautiful lake scenery almost all the time. If cycling is not your thing, you can also hike in the same trails.

After the cycling we will visit Hossa Reindeer Park and enjoy tasty lunch, before returning to Martinselkonen for the last evening.

Optional: Canoeing in Hossa (instead of the cycling)

 DAY 7: Departure

Its time to say goodbye and head back to Kajaani airport.


Price: 1400 €/person

Single room supplement: 200€


–     accommodation for 7 days with 3 meals a day

  • one over night stay at the bear hide
  • boat excursion to the wilderness lake
  • guided hikes at East Border hiking trail and in Hossa National Park
  • sight seeing trip to Suomussalmi
  • cycling day at Hossa
  • visit to Hossa Reindeer Park
  • airport transfer from and to Kajaani/Kuusamo
  • use of sauna (once smoke sauna)
  • guiding in English


Optional Activities:

 Second Bear Night

– A full night stay in the large bear hide 150€/person

– A full night stay at a small photography hide 190€/person

– An evening excursion to the bear hide 90€/person

Boat Excursion to the Julma Ölkky Canyon lake

The boat excursion to the Canyon lake will take about 30 minutes. The boat is a motor boat for 50 persons. The boat excursion is paid directly to the boat company before the excursion. Price summer 2017 was 15€/person.

Canoeing in Hossa

Hossa National Park has several lakes and rivers for canoeing.

The expert canoeing guide will choose the best place for you according your previous experience. Price: 170€/person, duration about 4 hours.



  • Martinselkonen Fat Bike

    You will see beautiful sceneries during the cycling day.

  • Bear hide Martinselkonen

    Large bear hide is comfortable to stay for the night.

  • Hiking in Hossa

    Hiking in Hossa.

  • Suspension bridge over Julma Ölkky canyon lake.

    Bridge over the Julma Ölkky canyon lake. Photo by Travel Dudes Greg Snell.

  • Bear Family in Martinselkonen

    Bear family on the rock in front of the large hide in Martinselkonen.