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Welcome to Martinselkosen Eräkeskus!
Martinselkosen Eräkeskus is a wildlife centre in the midst of the great Kainuu wilderness. In the Martinselkonen surroundings, beard-moss covered ancient spruces are whispering their stories to those able to listen. They whisper their stories about the greatness of nature, its diversity, quietness and peace...
Martinselkonen nature preserve area creates the setting for an all year round experience centre. Here, modern busy people can find the inspiration they desire, all year round.
The professional personnel of Martinselkosen Eräkeskus guarantees excellent service even to the most demanding guest – whether they come alone or with a larger group. Many years of experience in providing nature tourism services and hunting assure the guests safe and unforgettable experiences in Kainuu wilderness.
After an exciting day, guests go through their experiences together while waiting for a delicious meal to cook. In the evening, they can enjoy a smoke sauna and soon fall into a deep relaxing sleep.  
Tomorrow is a new day with new adventures. What more could you want?

7.04.2015 - Bear season has started

30.09.2014 - Bears in nature program

21.08.2014 - Season 2014-2015

14.04.2014 - Rowing to the bears

31.03.2014 - Bears on snow

25.11.2013 - Dancing Bear Cubs

10.06.2013 - Bear cubs

25.04.2013 - Bear season has started

3.10.2011 - Bear season 2012

20.06.2011 - Bear Cubs

19.05.2011 - Owls

10.05.2011 - Bear cubs

14.04.2011 - Bears are up

16.11.2010 - Winter is here

7.07.2010 - Bear cubs

17.05.2010 - Bear season 2010 has started well

23.04.2009 - Photographing Osprey

8.04.2009 - Bears are up

7.04.2009 - Bears are up

27.03.2009 - Blog

5.02.2009 - Wolverine, Bear and Wolf

17.10.2008 - A new product, Capercaillie photographing

24.06.2008 - New pictures

24.06.2008 - Swimming bears

24.06.2008 - Pond hide

20.04.2008 - Bear Season has started