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The Western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) is the largest member of the Gallinaceous bird family in Finland. Watching and photographing its courtship is a memorable experience. At sunrise, the capercaillies begin their courtship, and every once in a while it takes metsot_200
an agitated form as the capercaillies settle the score by fighting. At some point, the female capercaillies arrive which intensifies the courtship even further. The female capercaillies observe the courtship and pick the dominant male as their partner. The dominant male may mate with more than one female.

The capercaillies are photographed from a hide with space for one person and equipment. You enter the hide the previous night before sunset. As the evening proceeds, the capercaillies arrive, at which point they are not to be disturbed. Photographing starts the nest morning at sunrise. metsokoju_200

The courtship of the capercaillie starts after mid-April and continues 3-4 weeks. Photographing takes place with nature photographer Hannu Huttu. Please see Hannu’s capercaillie photos here, the search word is "tetrao".

Also in this time of the spring, it is possible to photograph the brown bear and black grouse. See price list for the designed packages combining the brown bear and black grouse photographing.