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Brown Bear photographing

Since summer 2008 we have at our disposal three different locations for photographing the brown bear (Ursus arctos). The older location, used for some years now, is located in the same woods where the main carrion is. The new place is located in an open swamp with an old forest as background. This location was set according to our guests' wishes. Now you have a chance to photograph bears in different environments.
The distance between the photographing place in the forest and the main carrion is some 100 metres. We provide two hides especially designed for photographers. The hides seat 1-2 and 2-3 persons. The smaller hide has four and the larger one has six camera  ammattikoppi_iso_200
holes. See more photos of the hides in Photo Gallery.

The hides are in a pine forest with a mix of some spruce trees. The visibility is approximately 40-50 metres. For bears, the forest is an extraordinary place. They feel safe and start moving around in the area relatively early. The first bears usually arrive around 6 or 7 pm. so there is still enough light for photographing. Mother bears with cubs also stay in the area, as there are enough tall pines giving shelter for the cubs.

The second place located on a swamp, some 200 metres from the main carrion. Photographing takes place in the two hides with 2-3 seats and six camera holes. Here you can monitor and photograph bears in a wider area. As for light, this place is also a bit better than the forest. The old forest in the background gives additional flavour to photographing. Furthermore, there is a good chance to spot some white-tailed eagles, of which four at once have been spotted at best.

The third location is by a small pond. The pond’s diameter is some 30 metres. Here you can observe e.g. bears swimming. Furthermore, the water brings an extra element for photographing, as the images reflecting from the water 
surface on a bright summer might and the mist rising from the pond enable spectacular bear photos.

Food is taken to bears on these locations only when there are photographers there. This way, we try to maximise the terrain preservation around the hides. Furthermore, when the hides are used the bear food is hidden and will not show in photos. The position of the hides can also be rotated according to our guests' wishes.

Photographing can be started in the spring as soon as bears start visiting the carrion. Normally this takes place in mid-April. During the first couple of weeks, it is possible to take photos of bears against a snowy background. The photographing season ends 10 August.
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