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Wolverine photographing

One of our new products in 2007 is the chance to photograph wolverines (Gulo gulo). We cooperate with a nature photographer Kari Kemppainen from Kuhmo, who has agreed to allow visitors to his photographing area located in the south of Kuhmo.

The background for the photographing area is set by a rocky hillock amidst a thin pine forest. Wolverines have been photographed here for 8 years, thus they are used to it. The shortest distance for photographing is only 5 metres, whereas the longest distance is some 40 metres. With small meat and fat bits the wolverines are easy to lure into a specific photographing site.

The best season for photographing wolverines is April, May and June when the animals visit carrion much more actively. In July and August, the visits become more infrequent. Wolverines stay in the area all the time but sometimes they may not visit carrion for a couple of days. As a whole, though, the chances to photograph wolverines is very good. Please find photography packages in prices.
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